Nový eshop - nakupujte on-line prvotřídní dovozové látky a galanterii pro patchwork za nejnižší ceny

I create among textiles at the sewing machine.

By combining various techniques, thoughtful and elaborate textile tapestries with a soul and a story are created. Stacks of fabric, sewing machines and boxes full of sewing supplies are part of my life.

In 2014, I decided to offer beautiful foreign design fabrics, materials, tools and sewing machines, with which I have my own experience, to all wonderful seamstresses.

Visit us at Šicí centrum Český patchwork, Špitálská 1165, Litomyšl or at

You can also find us on Facebook

I create in Litomyšl and I am proud of my creations and the place where I live.

Every day Vltava 2002 I'm dancing Marie de Lara in the middle of her sorrow It makes sense Good morning The Czechoslovak Republic Medallion of a czech writer Elixír of life Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová Eliška Junková Dagmar Pecková Menhir Love knows St. Matthew's fair Free Joyful expectation The border between landscape and soul Spa bench Wonky Secret Quilt The Love Watercolor Beethoven Frieze Andy Warhol v patchworku Sunplugged & Andy Warhol & Renata Edlmanová Diagnosis: Patchwork Lone star Flasks Kaleidoscope, cubes Silent night Tree of life, by Gustav Klimt Cancer constellation Surprise Lone star Find cats Kaleidoscope, cubes II Fishes by M. C. Escher The Turtle Cube in cube By Kafe Fasset ... when I swim Flying cubes Lizards by M.C. Escher Venetian paving Rainbow ball II Rainbow Ball I