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Vltava 2002

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Name: Vltava 2002
Year: 2022
Techniques: Various arts

The Vltava, which showed its strength and flowed through the windows into human dwellings. The Vltava River, which flooded
a wide river basin and took everything that stood in its way along the way, including the chair of the artist Magdalena Jetelová,
which was exhibited in front of the Meda Mládková Museum in Kampa, Prague. The chair swam up to Mělník, where it caught
on a tree. After that, the well-known giant-sized chair became the dominant feature of the reconstructed Monastery Gardens in
Litomyšl for two seasons.
As soon as you say Vltava to a native of Litomyšl, the second symphonic poem from the cycle My Homeland by composer
Bedřich Smetana will start playing in his ears. I am a native of Litomyšl.

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